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September 23, 2012


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Direct flights to Male

It’s very important to figure out what worked and didn’t work in a safari or any other outing because you can then prepare correctly on your next. I agree with your post and will follow every point you have mentioned above.

Scott Walton

Place a clean, black plastic trash bag down inside the cheap styrofoam cooler as you would down inside a trash can. Fold the excess bag over the lip of the cooler and down the sides. Then add ice and drinks. Now it won't leak and gives the bonus of keeping the lid from squeaking as you drive. Sadly, it took me a few too many photo trips to the desert and wet rental car carpet from leaking coolers to figure this out!

Joe Lipka

(Slapping forehead with palm of hand.) Well, duh. It's the obvious stuff we never figure out until it's too late.

Next year, next year.

Thanks, Scott.

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