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May 29, 2016


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Jack Brinn

Hi Joe. Found you by one of your images in my recent Lenswork subscriptions. I spend my retirement between northern Colorado and NC (now in Cary), and while I've been near Hell's Half Acre, this is my first view of it. While I wouldn't call it scenic (in a post card sense) one can't help but be awe-struck by the geological forces that create such rugged places. Thanks for the opportunity to be silent-in-awe before such a force of Nature.

Best wishes.


Well, if you're in Cary now that would be wonderful, because that's where I am all the time.

I am speaking at the Cary Photographic Artists meeting at the Cary Theatre on June 22.

Stop by and I will try not to bore you to death.

Jack Brinn

Hi Joe. I'm back in Cary, having been sidelined by a trip to Mesa, AZ for three weeks, thus being absentee for your talk. But I'll try to get to your show July 7.


Thanks for the post back. We're hanging the show on the 7th, late in the day, so it's probably not the best time to see it.

A better bet is the reception, on the "Last Friday" July 29th. That's the day for the monthly Cary Art Loop. Lots of people and food and such.

Jack Brinn

OK, I can probably get to the reception. Looking forward to meeting you. BTW, I'm really enjoying the Lenswork community - which is where I found your work.

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