The Daily Photograph: Tack Shop, Crosby, North Dakota


We spent two one week photo safaris near Crosby, North Dakota. We photographed farms, abandoned schools, the landscape and a city park called Pioneer Village. Pioneer Village was a collection of buildings and farm equipment from the first couple of decades of the twentieth century. Farmers never throw anything away. They keep whatever they buy, use it up, wear it out and then save it because you can never tell what else you can use it for. 

The Daily Photograph: Hell's Half Acre, Wyoming


Back to Wyoming to see Hell's Half Acre. The rock columns, called Hoodoos, are formed when one type of rock is trapped in the bentonite. The bentonite is eroded away by wind and water leaving these other worldly columns. The landscape is so unearthly, the first "Starship Troopers" movie filmed its climactic battle scene here. Ten years after the movie was filmed here, we could find a lot of used blank rifle cartridges on the ground. 


The Daily Photograph: Cary Elementary School


The Cary Elementary School Building served the town of Cary, North Carolina from 1938 on. The Town purchased the Building from the Board of Education and began to renovate the Building. I was part of a team of photographers documenting the transformation of the old school to a new arts center. This photo was made during the demolition phase of the project. 


The Daily Photograph: Hell's Half Acre, Wyoming


Back to Hell's Half Acre for one of those early morning photographs. Most of the photographs from the original project were converted from color to black and white, because we all associate the Western Landscapes with the pioneer photographers that first photographed in black and white. 

You can see the entire project here.

The Daily Photograph: The Antique Store


The Antique Store is on Main Street in Roundup, Montana. The thing about small Montana towns is this. There will always be a Main Street. There will always be a bar named The Mint or The Stockman's Bar. And the movie theatre, if there is one, is usually opened only on weekends and will play a double feature.