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The Daily Photograph: An Old Steam Engine


This is the front end of a Steam Powered Case Threshing Machine. A historic machine part of Pioneer Village in Crosby, North Dakota. It is part of a never finished project called "Circular Logic," where the major element in every photograph is a circle or part of a circle. 

The Daily Photograph: The Cosmos


I let myself take a flight of fancy with this photograph and title. Looking at these rock formations it's not hard to transport yourself into the realm of science fiction and allow this small rocks to be planets in your own universe.

The Daily Photograph: More Antiques in Roundup


Another early morning view of the Antique Store in Roundup, Montana. I was up early because of the time difference from the East Coast and I had to take a walk because the light was wonderful. Not only the light, but the smell of the sagebrush and pine that blew into town during the night. As soon as everyone began driving as the day began, the wonderful high prairie aroma was blown away on clouds of exhaust.